We are a group of friends,…

who have also gone through very difficult times at certain stages of our lives – as probably most of us have. Fortunately, we have been able to overcome our crises, but we notice that a lot of people around are struggling with various kinds of problems – and often cannot find solutions on their own. We have decided to help find ways out and thus contribute to the well-being of society.

What is behind

Many people are confronted with challenging situations – they remain alone without appropriate help, without accompaniment and in secret silence. Often people are also too shy, introverted and unable to look for or accept help – even worse: they don’t even realize that they need help and support. And when they do realize it, the crisis has already worsened t is usually the case when specialists such as psychologists are often booked up with waiting times for several weeks. But help would be needed now – immediately….

Lately, Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst, creating an explosive boiling point: stress, loneliness, illness, violence or even more serious problems can hardly be managed.

After realizing that the indicated problems are not sufficiently, fundamentally and preventively addressed, we founded the Social Impact Start-up in November 2020, which has already received support by being accepted into the Social Impact Start-up Incubator of EPFL and innosuisse coaching.

We come from the business world, have extensive digital IT experience and very good external professional support We adapt solutions from other industries and countries for the German-speaking countries.

room We take our cue from companies like Uber, Instagram, Parship, and Galaxus, which have taken their users to the online market thanks to intuitive platforms and targeted marketing.

We believe that it is time to use such technological advantages for the benefit of people and bring these experiences to provide “digital support in all areas of life” In order to improve mental and emotional well-being and to create a sense of belonging and unity between people who have similar problems in their lives, not only health experts (doctors, psychologists and coaches) are closely involved as consultants, but also ourselves and potential users.

We dedicate our free time to this project and also bring our personal investments into it, because we know from experience that anyone on the other side of the screen could be one of us We have been in crises ourselves. We all have deep intrinsic motivation based on our own painful experiences. In those times of despair, we would have loved to use a platform like to find some comfort, a word of encouragement, or professional help… if only there had been something like that back then.

You are not alone

Do you feel like you are stuck in a hopeless situation? re you having trouble overcoming an obstacle? Is a problem keeping you from moving forward in your life? You are not alone! You don’t have to go through this alone. We can help you carry your load, make it lighter or even take it off your shoulders.

On the one hand, we rely on a pool of selected experts who are suitably suggested to those seeking help, depending on their needs. On the other hand, careoline our careoline community includes all relevant problems of the entire society and works them up. In this way, you will find support as well as mental and emotional strengthening, so that you can manage to cope with your difficult situation.

No matter if old or young!

You are never too old or too young to seek help and develop yourself. By their very nature, children’s and young adults’ problems are complex and individually diverse, so they are not usually easy to solve. We want to show teens and young adults that sharing is of priceless personal benefit and that you can talk about anything without shame. We believe that younger people will grow with more confidence and satisfaction if they are helped professionally from an early age.

Discreet, safe and simple!

First, you can do a personal well-being check that shows your current situation.

In a second step, you have the opportunity to join the community. It consists of topic groups led by experts, which bring together people with similar problems. This encourages an active exchange – problems can be tackled and overcome together. From our own experience, we can say it is reassuring to be in contact with people who have similar difficulties. You will learn that you are not isolated and that you can approach your problems from a different, supportive perspective.

The third stage is the one-on-one coaching support we arrange between you and a suitable expert from our team of professional therapists. Here offers a flexible, timely and high quality exchange.