Passive help by generating revenue, of which 1% is directly used for social projects.

We want to give everyone the chance to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

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Our contribution to society

Part of our mission is to provide coaching and mental support to all segments of the population, which is why 1% of our annual turnover goes directly to projects for young people and the socially disadvantaged.

Our “Careoline Social Impact Coaches” will support and help here in addition to their actual coaching activities. We know that coaching is not affordable for everyone. The social gap in our society is getting bigger and bigger and especially where mental help is often most needed, it cannot be claimed due to lack of financial means.

By cooperating with local aid organizations or communities, we ensure that our help reaches where it is needed most. We are convinced that together we can build a bridge to a happier and fulfilled society.


One in five people suffer very severe symptoms of stress, anxiety, or despair during a year – and 80% of those do not receive appropriate support in our health care system – so was it even before Covid-19.

What does this mean?
This leads more and more often to mental illnesses, such as depression, as well as causing suffering for the whole environment, which also leads to exorbitantly high social costs of about CHF 120 billion in the D-A-CH area per year!

Wouldn’t it be nice if:
– mental illnesses were reduced through timely prevention?
– the professionally excellently trained psychiatric therapists could fully concentrate on the really serious cases?
– both the affected persons and their environment would not have to suffer, as well as the social costs could be significantly reduced and the money could be used for education, innovation or other valuable topics instead…?

Do you feel obligated to do your part?

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We strongly believe that together we can improve the lives of all people. Be active, offer your services and together we will ensure the spread of coaching in all parts of society!

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