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We want to lead coaching into the future and be the bridge to a happier society with Careoline.

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Why with Careoline work together?

Our business is your business and the success of our joint clients: is based on win-win-win. Therefore, careoline enables you to have the coaching you have always imagined:Full focus on your core competence, growth and impact. And have further improvements: Help and be part of something bigger.

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Your digital magic

Communication, admin and coaching simple and efficient

  • Matching client-coach match-making
  • Coach & Client Cockpit​
  • Integrated video communication
  • Integrated calendar and appointment booking
  • Integrated billing
  • Integrated tasks
  • Integrated preparation and follow-up
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Improve yourself constantly

Added value through exchange with coaches and client reviews

  • Careoline Coaching for Client Community​
  • Careoline Coaching for Coaches Community​
  • Direct reviews by clients
  • High quality coach information provided
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Scale your coaching

Exchange time for product

  • Digital coaching products
  • Digital additional and add-on products
Social Impact

Social Impact

Deeper meaning and added value:

Active and passive

  • Active: Through your coaching
  • Active: Option as Impact Coach
  • Passive: Your coaching enables young people and the socially disadvantaged to receive support.

It's that simple


Aktiv: Option als Impact Coach​

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